Five Reasons Why IndiaDreamin-2017 Is A Must Attend Event

The reason behind this blog ” Five Reasons Why IndiaDreamin-2017 is a Must Attend Event” is that “IndiaDreamin-2017” is just on the edge and we all have many reasons to mark our presence that big day, I want to add a few thoughts why you should attend the first ever edition of “IndiaDreamin-2017”. IndiaDreamin is a community led, community run event for professionals around Salesforce.

This event is open for all Salesforce users who share a passion for innovation – developers, admins, partners, customers and students around the world. It aims to bring us all together and give everyone access to the best content available to help educate and provide value for everyone.

If you are a developer, an enthusiast, an existing Salesforce user or you are wondering what all this hype around Salesforce is, then this is a must-attend event for you. It will be an entire day of inspiring keynotes, speaker sessions, partner and customer success stories, demo-jams, networking and a great chance to meet your peers from the Salesforce world.

I want to offer 5 big reasons for you to attend “IndiaDreamin-2017” and rest depends on your wisdom to make big decisions out of your personal interest and desperation to find your way to success.
Here I go:

  1. Network with fellow trailblazers:

    The utmost necessity to all us humans is to be recognized. In your quest to be recognized by the global Salesforce community, the big success might be confirmed being here at IndiaDreamin-2017. With large number of Star-Speakers from the world of Salesforce would be joining us here, if you’re a tech-geek this is a must attend and a sort of urgency for you to meet the experts from the Salesforce Community. You also get a chance to get exposure to the best of the people implementing Salesforce as this mega event is sponsored by some really amazing Companies where you get a chance for overall networking and a chance to make a big impact. So be sure of one thing “There’s success waiting for you here that day – It’s on you to find a big reason to ensure successful you.

  2. Earn new Certifications:

    Registering for IndiaDreamin-2017 ensures you a big opportunity to get 50% discount on your next Salesforce certification. Whether you’re a Developer or a Fresher or just started learning Salesforce, this day comes up with an opportunity to earn yourself new credentials and getting certified. The discount coupons are valid till January’2018 which means you get an absolute fair chance to add value to your profile.

  3. Walk through to some really amazing Apps:

    Some really amazing apps would remain on display at IndiaDreamin-2017, you get a fair opportunity to have a walk through on some of the real time amazing applications on the Salesforce platform. For someone like me its more like a chance to sharpen my thoughts on building new apps by collecting some ideas from here which doesn’t happen that often elsewhere.

  4. Hands on Training:

    We in India are among the big fat community of Salesforce Developers, right? Every requirement is new and comes with slight difference than the one we implemented before. With every Salesforce release there are more updates and enhancements being made to the Salesforce Platform, we might miss some important features that comes up with every release and for sure everyone of us do face some technical road blockers. Time to list them together and get a expert advice on the same as IndiaDreamin-2017 brings you with Hands on Training over some of the most amazing and known Technical experts from the world of Salesforce. Its time to remove all road blockers from your path to success and don’t let the small piece of doubt today become a road-blocker tomorrow.

  5. IndiaDreamin-2017 kinda Mini-Dreamforce in India and Its for everyone:

    As most of us do not get a chance to attend the biggest and the most important learing event of each year, “Dreamforce” – is Salesforce annual event where salesforce customers, partners, developers participate to share knowledge, upcoming features. Dreamforce is the annual Salesforce convention and It provides opportunities to hear from knowledgable speakers about upcoming features, best practices, third party products, and so much more. At “IndiaDreamin-2017” we ensure you somewhat similar experience with all possibilities in the region so you don’t have to wait to hear from the Salesforce peeps you keep chasing over social media being the most popular Salesforce personnals and community thinktanks, its your turn to meet them in person, talk your heart out and gain this experience of a lifetime.

“IndiaDreamin-2017” stage is all set, my bags almost packed, I am ready to mark my attendence and represent amazing Indian Salesforce Community as a volunteer and making arragements for successful us, I will wait for you as I need more helping hands.

At last but not the least I would love to say, “It’s the time for you to stand for your Indian Salesforce Community, for successful you & us as one Ohana. Let’s create history together.

Registrations are still open for IndiaDreamin-2017 Register Here Register Now