Guide to India’s First NotForProfit Hackathon Part 1

We at New Delhi, IN Nonprofit Group take pride to welcome all trailblazers to India’s first Not-For-Profit Hackathon. This blog “Guide to India’s First NotForProfit Hackathon Part 1” is intended to make all readers aware of the plan and rules for India’s first Not-For-Profit Hackathon. New Delhi, IN Nonprofit Group is committed to deliver the knowledge and skillset to the developers in the region and to grow their strength in dealing with Salesforce projects over the Salesforce  for Nonprofit (NPSP – Nonprofit Success Pack).

This all started with with a twitter news board which was from Senior Project Manager @Skedulo & #SalesforceMVP Emily Hay who is the organizer of Brisbane – #NotForProfit Hackathon, which turned out to be a great beginning and making of India’s first Not-For-Profit Hackathon, which also means we are follower of the best and Initiator is the #WIT superwoman Emily Hay, heart-full of thanks & kudos for her.

We also take this opportunity to thank the Chief Equality Officer at Salesforce, Tony Prophet for the motivation and support for India’s first Not-for-Profit Hackathon.

Here are few twitter screenshots to get you an idea about Brisbane – Not-For-Profit Hackathon



That’s a great achievement and success to Brisbane #Salesforce community, we congratulate them and hope the same success in our region. We tried to follow the same Idea but with a few exciting structural changes to filter and keep the transparency intact with all the attendees.

Things you should know & Rules

Our Partners & Sponsors

  1. We have Solution review & Swag Sponsors: winners to be declared based on marking done by them over a scale of 10.
  2. We have Venue and WIFI sponsors: The basic need to organize such Hackathon is a feasible venue and WIFI which is managed by our Venue sponsor.

Huge thanks and applause to all our sponsors for supporting the first ever #NotForProfit #Hackathon in India, you’ve really helped a dream, turn in reality.


  1. There will be two teams with respective Project managers | Team Leads and developers (To be selected during the event based on experience level of all attendees and expertise).
  2. The requirement specs will be shared once the event starts over the new email accounts, there and then. Each Project manager and team lead will be held responsible for successful delivery of the Implementation; they will be given an additional 30 minutes to brief their teams.
  3. The winning team will be selected based on marking on a scale of 10 over the implementation done by respective team, by our Solution Review partners who are the authority, all selections and winners are based entirely on the marks they allocate to each team.
  4. The winning team will be declared 1 week prior to #IndiaDreamin18 and will be awarded and featured at #IndiaDreamin18 at the Nonprofit session with our solution review partners & sponsors and other experts.
  5. Once the org is submitted for review, no changes/amendments will be entertained thereafter.
  6. The organizing team cannot take part in review process | selections and will not hold any rights to question the decision made.

Important Notes

  1. It’s mandatory to register for the event.
  2. You are requested to carry your own laptop, you’ll be part of the team designing/implementing the solution.
  3. Winners would be decided by our Partners and Sponsors and will be awarded at #IndiaDreamin18.
  4. You’re requested to check in the Venue at-least 10 minutes before the start so we can check you in before the kickoff.
  5. The venue is TBD but it will be declared soon and will be easily feasible, venue  location would be Noida.



Stay tuned for more updates about the Hackathon –

We wish you a #HappyHackathon


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