“IT’S HARD TO BE A WOMAN” is a story Initially published by me here on 23rd Sept ’16, as I have my own website now so I cannot resist re-posting it here as this was an amazing writeup.

“This is a story Inspired by and dedicated to all Feminines including Women in Technology across the Globe.”

Woman, is the most beautiful and the most important creation. The only reason for our existence. No matter in what form they are with you, your Mother, your Sister, Daughter, friend, Lover or your Wife, they make our world so beautiful.

When we talk about different cultures across the world, there is a special place for Women, though ! when we look at the other side, the darker side of the society, we find male chauvinists, the gender that’s treated as invulnerable, influencing and the one who dominates over women, that’s Insane !!!

Male-Chauvinists : A male who patronizes, disparages, or otherwise denigrates females in the belief that they are inferior to males and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit.

Or in simple words

We can simple say, the dark side of the society which belongs to male-chauvinists PIGS, who’re no guys & short of guts to accept this truth, if a Women can provoke those donkeys, she can dissuade and destroy at any point of time, without owing any answer to anyone.

“ Its definitely her choice and should remain with her, its her holy right and power from ‘us and above’, right to provoke and right to destroy. A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” ~ Diane Mariechild


Being the best version of yourself takes effort and a deliberate attempt to do so. You never really know what the best version of yourself is until you start to try to become it. You’ll find that once you work on improving yourself, you’ll discover a new way to get better, and it becomes a continual process. The opposite is also true, and should be avoided. If you let yourself slide, you’ll find new ways to continue that slide and become a version of yourself you never wanted to be.


It may take you a while to find your voice and develop it into one that can be heard, but once you do have it you won’t ever want to let it go. Imagine someone trying to silence your voice after all the trouble you’ve gone through to get it? First, work on developing your voice, and you won’t have to worry about defending it, that will come naturally.


If you want to have power, it’s yours for the taking but you actually have to grab it, it won’t be handed to you. Taking the power may not be an easy task, which is why so many people never get any, but that just makes it that much more worthwhile. With power you’re able to have more influence over the world around you, and you’ll have an easier time getting what you want.

“Every man I meet wants to protect me. I can’t figure out what from.” — Mae West

Believe me, you just have to believe in yourself and there is no one who can stop you or push you down, the Male-Chauvinists Pigs Squeal , you’re not a underdog It’s your time, to Rise! and show up. You have always been the best Administrator, one who taught us to learn things, one who raised us, who served us for centuries now the time is to demand a payback, so go for it!

To all the Male readers of this blog, I urge, this is the time to Empower Women, they are the leaders of the Leader-board, they have had enough from us, they served us for long, now is the time to pay Tribute for their services they Lend on us.

Make them strong such that we can hope for a stronger society, they are the Soul of Humanity, Strength of every Relationship, Heart of the Family, the best Companion we can have, The most courageous of all creations.

Love and Respect is what they expect from us, and for everything else they are born with inbuilt powers, they may not need us but we do need them for our lives.

Respect a woman’s presence around you and they’ll fill each moment with life.

I Salute you, for your peerless contributions, my MOTHER for letting me in this world and for all the love and affection she gave me, TEACHER for all my learning, my SISTER for helping me out of hard times, my WIFE for loving me unselfish and unconditionally, for the priceless gift, my DAUGHTER! and a reason to live…

You all are so Awesome…..

Hope you enjoyed the blog,  stay tuned for more exciting content to be posted soon. In case you need some Ideas, Suggestions or unable to find the right content | Solution online, feel free to ask me. It’ time to connect.