Noida Salesforce Community at IndiaDreamin venue for celebrating #SalesforceSaturday & support #SFDC4Students

All this started with a phone call to Vinay Chaturvedi (Salesforce MVP) from G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, asking for training support from Noida Community. Responding the call Vinay Chaturvedi approached his well managed team of Noida Salesforce Community set by him and Managed by him. The sudden reaction to the whole incident was noticeable when “Noida Salesforce Community at IndiaDreamin’ 2017 venue for celebrating #SalesforceSaturday & support #SFDC4Students” on 15th July 2017.

Before I may proceed I want to explain the campaign #SFDC4Students in detail.


This campaign was initiated by Vinay Chaturvedi, to uplift the status of students in the region with the help of Salesforce and help Salesforce by raising the number of developers.

So #SFDC4Students is the campaign supporting the notion of “Giving Back” to the Salesforce community which is run and managed by Salesforce community in the region, to bring more developers in Salesforce, for the reason we target colleges and do regular inhouse meetups in there, help the students learn Salesforce through Trailhead.

Till now it has really done wonders, Colleges really showed up the real passion for Salesforce and applied Trailhead as a part of their curriculum. This helped students build a motivation factor within themselves and start going for the best, ie. Start building their career in Salesforce.

We as team help students learn the concepts of Cloud Computing and Salesforce. We train them both on Admin as well as Developer concepts so that they might not face any difficulty in placements. We guide them to get certified and bringing corporate executives, explaining what the companies expect from a fresher and what are the hot skills that can increase their chances of selection, and Salesforce has been the topic on fire for years for the companies. Our team comprises of top Salesforce Admins, Certified Salesforce Developers, Consultants, aspirants which has brought remarkable improvement in the technical skills of these students.

Till date we are joined by more than thousand Students and this number is remarkably increasing everyday with the involvement of more colleges and students joining us and this stream of success.

There is a long list of our team members, which is always ready to put on the best show for the awesome Salesforce community. Few of the most dominant forces in our team are Vinay Chaturvedi (Salesforce MVP, Principal Consultant), Pritam Shekhawat (More than 9000 answers on Success Community), Sonika Tomar & Nida Khan (Jointly serving Gurgaon WIT user group), Surbhi Narula & Payal Agarwal ( Co-leaders of Noida WIT user group), Amit Agarwal (Senior Salesforce Developer), Nitin Gupta (Marketing cloud Specialist), Nitesh Mishra( Salesforce Consultant), Shailendra Sharma (Active Contributor to Noida Salesforce Community, Salesforce Admin, Entrepreneur), Vipul Goel (Active Contributor to Noida Salesforce Community) and me.

Five Reasons Why We launched #SFDC4Students Framework in our region:

  1. To spread Salesforce evangelism among students .The students are not aware about the latest and high demand technologies like Salesforce so we would help them generating awareness about the same and helping them getting a good start for their career.
  2. Organizations who are looking for Salesforce trained freshers will be benefited by this program as it would help them to easily identify these future professionals.
  3. It’s very difficult to find a good mentor who can guide towards the career path after graduation.We would utilize the power of Salesforce community to provide proper guidelines to students about their career.
  4. This program will help the many volunteers who want to contribute to the Salesforce community by providing programs like Mentor-Mentee program, Company representatives etc.
  5. To give back to Salesforce and its community. We learned a lot from the Salesforce community which motivates us to give our energy and time to the community back and share our experiences and success stories with students so as to spread more and more Salesforce awareness.

Now, let’s sneak- peek into our agenda for this workshop. As there was just a little time to decide on the topics to cover and as the target audience’s experience varied on Salesforce platform. Keeping these factors into notice, our team decided on to keep it basic for all, advance for few.

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM –

Welcome note, Introduction to Salesforce platform, cloud computing concepts and platform basics by Pritam Shekhawat,  Nida Khan, Amit Agarwal, Payal Agarwal, Nitin Gupta.

12:00 PM to 01:00 PM –

Introduction to trailhead, how to start learning Salesforce through Trailhead by Akash Mishra, Nida Khan.

01:00 PM to 02:00 PM –

Tracking the skills of Students, suggesting future learning path, expert advice and expectations. Open session by the team.

02:00 PM to 02:30 PM –

Sharing IndiaDreamin news, Volunteer-ship program, Scope of #StudentScouts at IndiaDreamin and how we can showcase the Student success stories from our region by Akash mishra, Pritam Shekhawat, Amit Agarwal, Nitin Gupta.

Here are some of the amazing sessions and moments captured in pictures.

Now please take some time looking at our Noida Salesforce Community members that makes up to such an amazing team

Let’s Check some #WIT member and one big news from the center is that the size of #WIT’s in Salesforce will be extending in coming years as some new pair of hands will be joining us soon

In the most recent times we have been noticing the efforts made by Salesforce Community in spreading Salesforce awareness in Student Lobby, that’s because we want more developers joining us as Salesforce is expanding with each day passing, so there is a urgent requirement to grow more developers in technology. Keeping this urgency into notice we are able to design a roadmap, keeping our efforts continuous and help students in the best possible way.

So, here is the agenda that our team has picked up focusing on overall development of Students in the region:

  1. Helping Students in the initial learning phase, well managed and explained through Trailhead, once the Students are aware of what exactly the flow is we leave them with some modules and tasks, so that they can start implementing what they learn.
  2. Once the Students are through with the Admin Beginner – Admin Intermediate – Admin Advanced and Developer Beginner – Developer Intermediate – Developer Advanced trails in Trailhead, to push them through the limits we provide them some real world implementation tasks. By saying this I want to appreciate the efforts made by the Colleges as they include real world implementation tasks given by us as the Major and Minor projects, which helps Students focus on only Salesforce without distracting them.
  3. Understanding the difficulties faced by students by open discussions regularly, then answering those by giving real world examples.
  4. For the final year Students in the final Semester, we keep additional sessions for help them understand the value of certifications, what does it mean by a certified resource and what are the advantages, We help the interested students to get certified in Salesforce and increase their chances to get placed.
  5. We also bring some corporate representatives from the region, so that the news can be spread about such Salesforce talented freshers coming out of colleges in the region.


We’re working seriously hard to make this association for Students and Salesforce work wonders and help Students achieve new heights. Looking at the Enthusiasm and Interest of Students and Institutions we can easily measure out how near success really is, just a continuous motivation and inspiration is all what’s required. Soon we would be sharing more success stories coming from the #StudentScouts in Salesforce at IndiaDreamin 2017.

Stay tuned for more news & updates.


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