NonprofitTrailblazers In The Region Featuring JWP (Joint Women’s Programme)



NonprofitTrailblazers In The Region Featuring JWP (Joint Women’s Programme) is a part of our new blog series “NonprofitTrailblazers In The Region” and is an initiative by Salesforce New Delhi, In Nonprofit Groups to offer exposure to certain Nonprofits in the region those are doing a commendable work in the society/community by the sort of campaigns they organise for the needy ones, that’s changing lives of many. From here we will be extending our support to selected nonprofits in the region by volunteering for them under the campaign #NonprofitVolunteershipHours and help them understand how technology can transform their progress and help achieving success for the cause.

We start by reaching out to Nonprofits, attend their campaigns, search for volunteering opportunities, communicating how we can offer help from #TrailblazerCommunity standpoint and educate them about Salesforce and how Salesforce offer help to Nonprofits by Pledge one percent and other Philanthropic activities.

About JWP (Joint Women’s Programme)

We strive to enable women and children lead informed and safer lives

JWP – Joint Women’s Programme believes that women’s problem is a socio-cultural problem, a community problem and therefore community participation in the struggle for change the status of women and children is necessary.

Joint Women’s Programme envisions itself as a movement of and by women and children seeking the freedom to express their identity. Being one of the earliest advocates for women and child rights in India, JWP began its journey in 1977, with an objective to secure and empower women and children from violence and social atrocities. They seek to create a new society of equal partnership between women and men while ensuring access to education and protection for children.

JWP promotes issue-based campaigns and networking at the regional and national levels among women’s groups and others. Through our programmes, we reach out to government departments, law enforcing agencies, civil society, grass-root organisations and committed individuals to ensure that everyone avail their basic rights.

Based in New Delhi, JWP implements programmes across several Indian states. They emphasise on grass-root women organisation and community building in rural as well as urban areas. They extend their call to all members of society and urge participation in our attempt to uphold human rights.

How They Help!

  1. Skill Development Training
  2. Education
  3. Health and Sanitation
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Youth Engagement
  6. Awareness Generation

1.  Skill Development Training: They are actively engaged in skill development training for young adults and women throughout their centres. Systematic Skill training are offered like Operating a Computer, Cooking, Tailoring, Embroidery, Legal Literacy and Adult Education. The skill development programmes primarily help women to become self sufficient and economically independent which is equally important.

2. Education: JWP is engaged in campaigning for free, mandatory primary education for all children in slums and rural areas.

3. Health & Sanitation: JWP promotes optimal health care and nutritional practices for women and children, spreading awareness and understanding about hygiene and sanitation.

4. Community Engagement: Regularly conducts meetings with the members of the local community and discuss various issues related to violence, health, laws & rights, education and skill development training.

5. Youth Engagement: JWP fosters youth development and engagement by organising and facilitating several workshops, seminars and lectures.

6. Awareness Generation: JWP has been engaged in awareness generation for men, women and children across various sectors of the society. Primarily focusing on women in the decision making and awareness about action against violence on women and children which still is a big problem faced in India despite of the efforts of the Government.

The Mera Sahara Model, Nithari Village, Noida

Brief History:

The children of Nithari village stand as a stark reminder of the insecurities faced by the poorest children in India. In 2005-06, several children went missing in and around the area of Nithari. Although later large number of dead bodies of murdered children were found in that area. Several NGO’s along with media exposed this inhuman act, this incident came to be known as “Nithari Serial Murders”.

Here is the change:

“Mera Sahara Model” is one of the most successful endeavours undertaken by JWP. Currently in its eleventh year , this project started in 2007 with minimal resources. Currently the centre provides schooling (Upto 5th Grade) and serving 250+ poor children with the basic school education.

Locations they serve

  1. JWP – Headquartered at Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  2. Kausani, Uttarakhand, India
  3. Okhla, New Delhi
  4. Faridabad
  5. Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
  6. West Bengal
  7. “Mera Sahara” – Headquartered at Nithari Village, Noida

Please have a look over some previously organised events by JWP


This all looks so amazing, isn’t it?

There can be many reasons for, why they do what they do, the simplest answer is, if they won’t who else will !

The really deserves a big shoutout from everyone out there in the society, and I feel proud sharing their story with the #SalesforceOhana and #TrailblazerCommunity.

This blog-post is solely intended to spread awareness about JWP and let others know what great work they are doing for the community and surely making this world a better place to live and breathe. 

Here are a few more pictures of our first visit and got a chance to meet the kids out there:

Hope you enjoyed the blog “NonprofitTrailblazers In The Region Featuring JWP (Joint Women’s Programme)”, we also have a long list of Events coming along so please stay tuned for more amazing blogs and stories, designed and aligned just for you, from the amazing world of Salesforce.