NPSP Features In Spotlight Featuring Kathryn Powell

Hello Trailblazers, I’ve started a new blog series “NPSP Features In Spotlight” and this blog “NPSP Features In Spotlight Featuring Kathryn Powell” is the Fourth blog of this series. The motive of this blog series is to highlight what features of npsp stands out and really helpful for nonprofits according to your experience. This featured blog would contain any two features (Technical/Functional) with a use case to provide a more meaningful approach.

Getting started with the second blog in this series featuring – Kathryn Powell

Kathryn Powell

Success Content Specialist, Nonprofit Specialist @Salesforce.Org part of the Customer Experience team on a mission to create content and deliver targeted trainings for nonprofits that use Salesforce.

Part of Women in Tech Detroit. 

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  • Ques 2. Related to what functional aspect (Ex. Data Import, Donations, Payments, Integration, Appexchange products to support npsp etc)?
  • Answer. Donations and Grants

  • Ques 3. Use-case?
  • Answer. We know that nonprofit accounting can be tricky. Donors often give gifts with specific intentions – like for a certain initiative or in support of a specific program. Similarly, grants, government contracts, and other types of institutional funding are often restricted – meaning the funds can only be spent for a designated purpose. While standard Campaigns allow us to track the source of a gift or grant, General Accounting Units (GAUs) and GAU Allocations allow us to capture important designations and restrictions regarding how the money should be used.

  • Ques 5. Related to what functional aspect (Ex. Data Import, Donations, Payments, Integration, Appexchange products to support npsp etc)?
  • Answer. User Training and Adoption

  • Ques 6. Use-case?
  • Answer. As mission-driven organizations, we often work with a passion and a speed that makes learning the ins and outs of a new technology an afterthought. Turnover of volunteers and staff can make onboarding and training a time consuming challenge. In-App Guidance and Customizable Help streamline the process of onboarding and training new team members and can also be used to introduce new features to existing staff. By building customized guidance right on the screen where it’s needed, a Salesforce admin can provide in-the-moment, contextualized training to a user. The flexibility of the customizable help menu gives admins the option to provide organization-specific, NPSP-specific, and external help and training resources right within the app. Building these resources into NPSP provides scalable micro-training and guidance to an entire team without leaving NPSP!

  • Ques 7. Your script to recommend npsp to NGO’s/NPO’s?
  • Answer. You cannot talk about NPSP without acknowledging the incredible community that serves as its foundation. Nowhere else in the tech world have I found a group of people so creative, innovative, and purpose-driven. In life we sometimes talk about things as “package deals,” and I see NPSP as the ultimate two-for-one. The product developers and the community contributors ensure that the features and functionality of the app and its extensions cover some of the most universal nonprofit needs. Community members – user group attendees, admins, developers, partners, MVPs, and more – share their knowledge, time, and talent to make sure that every nonprofit Salesforce user and admin has the resources and sounding board they need to make “Salesforce for nonprofits” work for their unique organization.

This blog is created based on the responses collected from npsp experts in the community. If you find it impactful and worth your time, please find a npsp expert near you and share the form and I’ll draft a blog with the responses online for other #Trailblazers to follow your footprints and brush their skills about npsp, here is the link to the google form:


Again, thanks everyone for visiting the blog “NPSP Features In Spotlight Featuring Kathryn Powell” and hope you’ll find it useful, so please stay tuned as there is more awesome content coming your way. #HappyTrailblazing