NPSP Features In Spotlight Featuring Trish Perkins

Hello Trailblazers, I’ve started a new blog series “NPSP Features In Spotlight” and this blog “NPSP Features In Spotlight Featuring Trish Perkins” is the fifth blog of this series. The motive of this blog series is to highlight what features of npsp stands out and really helpful for nonprofits according to your experience. This featured blog would contain any two features (Technical/Functional) with a use case to provide a more meaningful approach.

Getting started with the fifth blog in this series featuring Trish Perkins

Trish Perkins

Salesforce MVP & Consultant at WorldsTouch

Trish Perkins is the Executive Director with WorldsTouch, the organization she founded 10 years ago as a vehicle to work with international and domestic charities to use technology to further their missions. She focuses on Salesforce implementations for nonprofits worldwide, and targets small but highly motivated organizations as her market. She is a 3x Salesforce MVP and Trailblazer Community Leader.

  • Ques 1. Feature (1) to highlight?
  • Answer. New Program Management package

Each nonprofit’s mission and program is unique, but with Salesforce’s highly configurable and customizable platform, you can manage your entire program from one central location. Maintain comprehensive contact and demographic information about constituents and volunteers, categorize and manage cases, organize and schedule resources, log and categorize assets, support and enforce workflows, automate assignment of tasks, and track detailed activity histories all in one easily configurable system. Dashboards and reporting tools let you monitor key statistics at-a-glance and dig in deeper to measure outcomes.

  • Ques 2. Related to what functional aspect (Ex. Data Import, Donations, Payments, Integration, Appexchange products to support npsp etc)?
  • Answer. Program Management

The new program management functionality lays the groundwork for our future innovations in program and service delivery like the new Nonprofit Cloud Case Management, built to increase efficiencies for case managers at small and medium-sized nonprofits. These service providers can reach more clients while maintaining the personalized care that each individual deserves, with the ability to manage:

    • Home page dashboard
    • Case plans to track goals, milestones, and action items
    • Document case notes
    • Delivering assessments
    • Reports on the impact of programs and drill into insights at the individual program level

  • Ques 3. Use-case?
  • Answer. Most of my clients want to track
    • Results 
    • Outcomes of their efforts to make the world a better place.

That’s Program management.


  • Ques 4. Feature (2) to highlight?
  • Answer. Campaigns

The word Campaign has many possible meanings for nonprofit and higher education organizations. For example, a capital campaign is a major fundraising effort to support construction of a new facility. Organizations with a strong programmatic element often describe their initiatives, such as protecting a new wilderness area, as a campaign. Marketers see a campaign as a way to reach out to constituents to build awareness and ask for support.

In Salesforce, you can use a Campaign to represent all of these scenarios. Nonprofit and higher education organizations use Campaigns in these and many other creative ways. At a basic level, Campaigns group people together in your database so that you can ask them to take some sort of action and track the results. Check this link to discover more about Campaigns in NPSP.

  • Ques 5. Related to what functional aspect (Ex. Data Import, Donations, Payments, Integration, Appexchange products to support npsp etc)?
  • Answer. Campaign Management


  • Ques 6. Use-case?
  • Answer. Campaigns for Event Management, for List Segmentation and Marketing, for Class or Workshop Management.


  • Ques 7. Your script to recommend npsp to NGO’s/NPO’s?
  • Answer. The NPSP was designed for us, by folks like us, who know the nonprofit world.


This blog is created based on the responses collected from npsp experts in the community. If you find it impactful and worth your time, please find a npsp expert near you and share the form and I’ll draft a blog with the responses online for other #Trailblazers to follow your footprints and brush their skills about npsp, here is the link to the google form:

Again, thanks everyone for visiting the blog “NPSP Features In Spotlight Featuring Trish Perkins” and hope you’ll find it useful, so please stay tuned as there is more awesome content coming your way. #HappyTrailblazing