Online Donation Forms For Nonprofit Success Pack

I have been working on npsp (nonprofit success pack) since it was launched and was called (nonprofit starter pack) that time. It has been an amazing product for nonprofits and I don’t want to miss on including the product tagline “A product build by nonprofits, for nonprofits”. This blog “Online Donation Forms For Nonprofit Success Pack” is inclined to share some apps and recommendations to be used along with NPSP as an robust/appealing forms for Online Donation Forms.

The Nonprofit Success Pack is an easy-to-use fundraising and constituent management application on the Salesforce platform. A free and open-source application from, NPSP harnesses the power of Salesforce’s vibrant nonprofit community in Power Of Us Hub.

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What Is An Online Donation Form?

An Online Donation Form is a key tool you use to collect information to process a donation. While some fundraisers don’t pay them much attention, a donation form is actually one of the most important elements of your donation page. Your online donation form is incredibly important in the process of securing online support, it’s the last point of contact between your organization and the potential donor before they choose whether or not to complete the transaction. Everything else on your website up until that point should help to convince them that your mission is worth supporting. Here are a few Online Donation Forms For Nonprofit Success Pack.

1- Soapbox Engage:

It is one of the first apps to integrate with the NPSP about 10 years ago, and is built to take both one-time and recurring donations, peer to peer fundraising, and more!

Delight your donors with elegant, mobile-friendly forms. Empower peer-to-peer fundraisers. Slash overhead with real-time donation form integration with Salesforce. Raise money to rock the world for social good.

With Soapbox Donations, your transactions are processed on your website and saved directly to Salesforce, radically reducing overhead so you can spend more time on your mission.

Associate each donation form with a Campaign in Salesforce for easy reporting. Automatically match payments with existing Contacts or create new ones when none exist – all through Salesforce apps designed to work with the Salesforce Enterprise Edition and Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, and lightweight enough to keep your instance uncluttered.

With just a few clicks, create integrated Salesforce donation forms to address any need from general organizational fundraising to collecting member dues to campaign-specific appeals. Accept one-time or sustaining gifts, and offer pre-defined payment amounts specific to each frequency. Allow visitors to customize their own gift amount, share a dedication, or sign up for your newsletter. Easily customize the appeal and confirmation experience with text, images, or video to create a compelling ask that gets results.

Easily create tracking URLs for use across different marketing campaigns and channels that are recorded with each donation to provide powerful business intelligence directly in Salesforce – all so you can quickly determine what’s working and refine efforts for maximum results.

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  1. Seamlessly accept gifts through your Salesforce donation form
  2. It is one of the first apps to integrate with the NPSP about 10 years ago, and is built to take both one-time and recurring donations, peer to peer fundraising, and more!
  3. It integrates with 7 different payment gateways
  4. Your transactions saved straight to Salesforce
  5. Quickly create an unlimited number of secure donation forms to meet any need
  6. Powerful marketing data delivered directly to Salesforce
  7. Select from Authorize.netBraintreeCyberSourceiATS PaymentsPayPal Website Payments ProStripe, or TouchNet for seamless payment processing, or allow visitors to donate using their own PayPal account
  8. Use any device to harness the power of peer-to-peer fundraising

2- Blackthorn Donations:

It helps nonprofits to point-and-click create beautiful, no-code, mobile-responsive embeddable donation forms and pages in minutes that help drive conversion and provide a first-class donor experience. It’s built natively for NPSP and leverages our free Blackthorn | Payments app (a native Stripe integration with Salesforce). All donation form submissions go directly to Salesforce with Household, Contact, Recurring Donation, Opportunity, Payment, etc. creation and matching logic (reducing duplicates significantly) and get processed automatically. The full implementation and initial form setup takes less than 20 minutes.

Blackthorn | Payments was receiving a lot of interest from nonprofits looking for help with managing donations and donations forms but no existing solutions were built natively (and only) for NPSP, all required integration or implementation, and/or lacked automation. Since our Payments app already provided a good foundation we decided to build Blackthorn | Donations to help nonprofits succeed with the solution they were looking for and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

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Features: NPSP automated submission logic:

  1.  Contact matching & creation with Households
  2.  Recurring Donation, Opportunity, and Payment creation
  3.  Payment processing through payment360 and Stripe

Note: Embeddable donation forms

  1. One line of auto-generated code can be added to any web page. The form can be updated in real-time from Salesforce.
  2. One-click donations: Send links to your donor base that prefill with all of their info
  3. Hosted donation pages: A unique link is generated for each form that can be used as a stand-alone page
  4. Donate button and pop-up form: Create buttons w/popups to add to your site
  5. Donations in Salesforce: Process donations in Salesforce using the Virtual Terminal
  6. Security: Reduced scope PCI compliant, integrated CAPTCHA, served by HTTPS
  7. Works with: All website hosting platforms and all email marketing tools
  8. GAU allocation: Configure GAUs for each form. Rule based or automated
  9. Google Analytics supported

3- FormTitan:

Following are (at least) 11 reasons why FormTitan is ideal for creating and integrating your NPSP Donation Form:

1- Easy

– easy to use with Drag & Drop motions, 

2- No skills Needed

– does not require any programming skills or installations.

3- Flexible Design

– allows total flexibility in the form creation. no layout restrictions and many free templates.

4- Payment integration

– Allows you to collect donations online

5- Integrations

– Integrates with over 750 3rd party applications including Salesforce.

6- Seamless connectivity

– Has the easiest and most powerful connectivity to Salesforce. Allows you to “Read” from Sf objects as well as “Write” to them in the fastest and easiest way.

7- Optimization

– Provides built in optimization tools to help you improve conversion and get more leads.

  (Its optimization tools include A/B Testing, Heatmaps, Auto translate and more, It is also the only platform with a built in CRO engine that actually guides you how to build more converting forms)

8- Smart forms

– It enables the creation of smart, sophisticated forms that have conditional logic, workflows.

9- Customizable

– It is fully customizable: including custom emails, custom messages, and custom error messages etc.

10- Responsive

– it is compatible with any device (desktop, tablet or mobile) 

11- Price

– It’s price is about a quarter of its competitors. Check out our pricing calculator to find the license that suits you best.

Appexchange Link:

In a nutshell:

The FormTitan form builder is ideal for creating the smartest, most stunning forms at the lowest price.

Since you are working online – everything should be synced and this can easily be done with FormTitan.

Following are the steps:

Step 1-

Create the form in the FormTitan form builder.

Step 2-

Add a payment integration to your form so it can collect the donations. Define it as a single or recurring payment and choose the payment service (Paypal/ Stripe/ /USAePAY /iDEAL).

Step 3-

Integrate your form with your Salesforce account so all the data regarding the donations is synced.

Step 4-

Create a campaign: define a mailing list or phone list, create an email and have it sent to your list. You can then stay on top of things by tracking the emails and re- engaging if necessary.

4- FormStack:

Collecting donations online requires a lot more than putting a credit card form on your website and hoping the gifts flow in. To maximize your digital donor base, you need to make sure you create a seamless giving experience, starting with your online donation form. And one way to instantly amp up your donation form is to add a few key design elements to make it more user-friendly.

With Formstack Theme Editor, it’s easy to create and brand professional, seamless online forms without CSS. With a strong foundation for a great-looking donation form, use a few of these design tips and examples to make your online giving experience even more compelling:

  1. Include a strong call to action at the top (and bottom!) of the page: One of the easiest ways to motivate giving is by incorporating strong, directional statements above and on the submit button for your online donation form. Including calls to action throughout the giving experience helps users feel like they are a part of a larger community that cares about your efforts. One of Formstack customers, reminds donors that their gift directly helps the organization’s cause and thanks them for joining the effort before they even enter their credit card. Seal the deal with a solid submit button, including phrases like “Give” or “Join Us.”
  2. Give context to a donor’s giving: Along the lines of building community, lots of donors want to know how their gifts are going to be used at your organization. A Formstack customer, includes a small sidebar next to its donation form that includes a breakdown of how funds are used at the nonprofit to promise donors that their donations are utilized responsibly. When visitors hit an online donation form, they already have a strong consideration to become involved in your organization. Little touches, such as assurance that their gifts will be valued, will help make it even easier for them to complete the form.
  3. Include proof of security: With all the news around data being compromised at multiple businesses, one major hesitation around online giving is payment security. After all, no donor wants to make a gift to a nonprofit only to find out his credit card info was compromised. Formstack requires multiple security measures to ensure that all donations are protected within your account. Make that known on your online donation form by including a security badge or other proof of protection.
  4. Maintain your brand throughout the donation experience: Nothing is more jarring than clicking on a link to give and being directed to a stark donation form that looks like it was coded in 1995. If you’re using an online form builder to capture donations, take extra care to make sure your embedded form matches your brand. If your website uses certain colors or fonts, make sure those are also included on the donation form. 
  5. Break your form into multiple steps: One key way to secure recurring donations is to collect key information about donors and segment their information into an email list for later marketing. However, the only way to do that is to make sure you get that key information in the first place, and a lot of visitors might be intimidated by a long donation form with a bunch of personal questions. Cushion this experience by breaking your donation form into multiple pages. Use one page to gather information about donation frequency, one to capture personal information, and one to finalize credit card information.

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Create beautiful online donation forms in minutes: With Formstack, you can add many of these design tips without any coding knowledge. Our Theme Editor allows you to quickly and easily modify colors, fonts, sizes and many other elements on your form in an intuitive interface.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed this blog “Online Donation Forms For Nonprofit Success Pack”, I will be introducing many more solutions available that could be added on top of NPSP for various other purposes, so “keep blazing npsp trails” and there are many more blogs to follow soon.