Payment Processing Solutions For Nonprofit Success Pack

I have been working on npsp (nonprofit success pack) since it was launched and was called (nonprofit starter pack) that time. It has been an amazing product for nonprofits and I don’t want to miss on including the product tagline “A product build by nonprofits, for nonprofits”. This blog “Payment Processing Solutions For Nonprofit Success Pack” is inclined to share some apps and recommendations to be used along with NPSP as an efficient payment processing solutions.

The Nonprofit Success Pack is an easy-to-use fundraising and constituent management application on the Salesforce platform. A free and open-source application from, NPSP harnesses the power of Salesforce’s vibrant nonprofit community in Power Of Us Hub. Hope you’ve checked my previous blog on NPSP – “Nonprofit Success Pack Account Model and Introduction to TDTM”.

If the nonprofit wants to start accepting online and mobile donations, you need to have a payment processing tool. Payment processing, generally speaking, is a process that occurs once a donor makes an online transaction.

A payment processor handles the donors’ personal financial information so that their donations can be properly deposited into the nonprofit’s bank account.

It doesn’t matter what kind of donation the donor makes; they can purchase a product, register for a fundraising event, or pay their membership fees. Either way, the payment processor will handle the transaction across online channels.

Why is payment processing important?

Payment processing is important because it allows your organization to accept online donations. Accepting online donations allows your nonprofit to offer all kinds of options to your donors.

For example, donors can:

  1. Make a one-time online donation or set up recurring gifts.
  2. Pay membership fees.
  3. Purchase fundraising products and merchandise.
  4. Register for fundraising events.

While there are hundreds of different payment processing tools that nonprofit could choose from, we’ve got the best four right here.

Each payment processor comes with pros and cons, but these four are the cream of the crop and can help you start accepting online donations quickly and easily.

1- iATS Payments:


  1.  iATS Payments was formed two decades ago on a simple premise: to help nonprofits process donations more easily and more efficiently.
  2. They maintain the highest security standards (level 1 PCI compliance) and offer their nonprofit clients a whole host of fundraising and payment processing solutions.
  3. iATS Payments also integrates with dozens of nonprofit fundraising software providers.
  4. This means that if your mobile bidding provider, text-to-give tool, donation page software, and peer-to-peer platform all use iATS Payments to process donations, your financial reporting is automatically synced and in one place.
  5. Discover it on Appexchange

Why We Love It

  1. iATS Payments is one of the only payment processing tools that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Because of this specialization, iATS is able to give their nonprofit clients the best possible customer service in the industry.
  2. Plus, the multitude of channel partners that iATS Payments has means that your nonprofit can seamlessly transition all of your payment processing into one, easy-to-use tool, regardless of the different types of software you have.

Pricing: Free

2- Stripe:


  1. Stripe mainly does payment processing for businesses and for-profit entities, but they work with nonprofits as well.
  2. Stripe is an aggregator, meaning that it processes payments through its own merchant account. Nonprofits don’t get to choose their own merchant account like they would be able to with a dedicated payment processor.
  3. However, Stripe does offer mobile payment processing, which is helpful for businesses and nonprofits that need to accept payments on the go at events or gatherings.

Why We Love It

  1. All of Stripe’s forms are built to stay on your nonprofit’s website. Donors don’t get redirected to a third-party site where they may or may not finish the donation process.

3- Click & Pledge:


Click & Pledge Donor Management joins Salesforce® and NPSP to the C&P Suite to measure impact, cultivate donors, and boost retention with custom Autoresponders, Contact Matching, Patron Analytics, and industry-recognized 3rd party integrations.

  1. Adding the worlds leading CRM to our powerful suite of products extends two platforms so your nonprofit can: Record payments from C&P’s responsive donation forms, Connect’s peer-to-peer campaigns,or our Salesforce Event App to Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Campaigns defined by C&P Settings.
  2. Discover it on Appexchange

Why We Love It

  1. Accept all major credit/debit cards and EFT payments, and create automatic recurring donations with our virtual cash register, Virtual Terminal. Supports US$, C$, Euro, and GBP.
  2. Respond to Salesforce Contact transactions or schedule program notifications and invoices using email templates you create in Designer and send with Autoresponder. Or integrate with your Twilio account to send custom SMS text messages.
  3. Avoid duplicates by using Contact Matching in C&P Settings.
  4. Reconcile your organization’s records with General Ledger and Pledges

Pricing: Free

4- Soapbox Engage:

Soapbox Engage Donations app? It was one of the first apps to integrate with the NPSP about 10 years ago, and is built to take both one-time and recurring donations, peer to peer fundraising, and more! Plus, it integrates with 7 different payment gateways!

Locate it here:

Start the free trial here:


  1. It integrates with 7 different payment gateways
  2. Your transactions saved straight to Salesforce
  3. Select from Authorize.netBraintreeCyberSourceiATS PaymentsPayPal Website Payments ProStripe, or TouchNet for seamless payment processing, or allow visitors to donate using their own PayPal account
  4. Use any device to harness the power of peer-to-peer fundraising

5- PayPal:


  1. PayPal is another payment processing tool that uses its own merchant account to process transactions for businesses and nonprofits.
  2. PayPal is PCI compliant and allows nonprofits to securely process donations both online and on-site (with the help of PayPal Here).
  3. There are no extra fees for account setup, statements, withdrawals, or cancellation.

Why We Love It

PayPal enables nonprofits to accept donations made with credit cards or with a donor’s PayPal account.

6- Braintree:


  1. Braintree Payments, a PayPal company, allows nonprofit to easily accept all kinds of donations, ranging from debit and credit cards to Bitcoin and Apple Pay.
  2. However, Braintree is a payment processor that requires a developers to get up and running. While it is easy to use for your donors, it might be a bit more complicated to set up on your nonprofit’s end.
  3. Braintree does keep all of your donors’ personal information on their servers, and they also make sure that your donation forms are PCI compliant.

Why We Love It

The variety of payment options that Braintree Payments accepts means that all of your supporters can give the way they want to.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed this blog “Payment Processing Solutions For Nonprofit Success Pack”, I will be introducing many more solutions available that could be added on top of NPSP for various other purposes, so “keep blazing npsp trails” and there are many more blogs to follow soon.