Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Amy Oplinger

Indian Salesforce Community this 30th September ‘17, witnessed the biggest Salesforce community driven conference around the globe, which surely turned out to fulfill the dreams of many in terms of networking, learning, sharing the same stage, displaying their expertise to the Salesforce superstars congregate here for one reason, to attend Indiadreamin’17 and witness the power of community. With huge success associated and before the chants go misty, I would love to learn more about what experience these Salesforce gems had, being here in India. So for the reason I am starting this blog series “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences ” to learn and share what the experts feel for Indian Salesforce Community and certainly Indiadreamin’17. Let’s read more about “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Amy Oplinger”.

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Amy Oplinger

Salesforce MVP, Freelance Salesforce Consultant, Cleveland Salesforce WIT and Non-Profit UG Leader

Session at Indiadreamin-2017: WIT Keynote panelist | Lead WIT Panel.


Awesome Admin, WIT Leader and active Salesforce community member, Amy has always been a huge supporter of the Indian Salesforce community. Amy dons many hats including that of a 3x certified WIT and Non-profit UG Leader, certified admin and sales cloud consultant, speaker and community mentor and for her #GIFSquadForGood fundraising efforts. In addition to being one among #Indiadreamin17 speakers, she’s a true co-dreamer for the India Dreamin’ event. Standing true to the Ohana spirit, she played a key role in social media cheer leading and in coordinating WIT efforts for the event.

Let’s start with moments, Amy loved the most. Here are a few pictures, I’m sure these would refresh your memory and even take your heart away.



Here are a few questions I sent over and the their responses:-

☁ Please share your before Indiadreamin expectation?

Amy : My main expectation for #Indiadreamin was to finally connect in person with all the #SalesforceOhana I befriended over the last two years. My mission was to learn from the Indian Salesforce community, and to learn how I can help them in return.
☁ What you enjoyed and liked the most attending Indiadreamin?

Amy : The PEOPLE! Every single person I met was so genuine, welcoming and friendly! I was particularly impressed, though, with all the WIT leaders and group members I spoke with. Listening to their passion for Salesforce, and how it’s impacted their lives is very special to me.

☁ Please share your after Indiadreamin experience; did it match your expectations?

Amy : This event exceeded every one of my expectations, from the wonderful people I met, to the hospitality, to the event itself. I literally dreamed about the event for months and the reality of the event surpassed even my dreams! This event was more like a mini-Dreamforce,  in my opinion, due to the sheer number of attendees and frantic nature of the day.


☁ Will you be attending Indiadreamin next year and what do you expect next year, your feedback will surely help us improving your experience next year.

Amy : Yes, I plan on attending next year. Due to the scale of the event, I would expect next year’s event to be over two days.

Thupb  {We’ve noted that Amy, you surely gonna see all your valuable inputs at #Indiadreamin18}

☁ Words for the organizing team.

Amy : THANK YOU! My experience of the event was seamless, but I know that was due to all of your hard work. I really hope that you all SLEEP now!
Thupb{Thanks Amy, we are all relaxed now and already started to plan the next year}

☁ Words for Student attendees, any suggestions for Students and Salesforce aspirants.

Amy : I was so very happy to meet so many students at the event, and hear how excited they were about Salesforce. I truly hope they continue in their pursuit of Salesforce knowledge and join the Ohana soon!

☁ Words for the Indian Salesforce Community.

Amy: Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. I cannot fully express in words how meeting you and being involved in this event has profoundly impacted me, not only professionally, but personally. I am proud to call you colleagues, and even more proud to call you friends!

It’s all pleasure listening to you and your overall experiences this Indiadreamin-2017. Thanks Amy for helping me complete this write-up and for listing down your amazing answers.

This really had been once in a life moment for Indian Salesforce Community, as team Indiadreamin surely delivered the unexpected and unmatched experience to each attendee. The rigorous efforts, sleepless nights, teamwork just got paid off. We are committed to deliver more fun, excitement, learning and more grandeur conference next year at Indiadreamin-2018.

In case you’ve missed the opportunity to attend Indiadreamin’17, please feel free to learn more here:

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Hope you enjoyed the amazing responses we are getting from the Salesforce world about our own Indiadreamin-2017, this surely sets an example on how amazing we are and what amazing things we can bring together.

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