Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Chamil Madusanka

Indian Salesforce Community this 30th September ‘17, witnessed the biggest Salesforce community driven conference around the globe, which surely turned out to fulfill the dreams of many in terms of networking, learning, sharing the same stage, displaying their expertise to the Salesforce superstars congregate here for one reason, to attend Indiadreamin’17 and witness the power of community. With huge success associated and before the chants go misty, I would love to learn more about what experience these Salesforce gems had, being here in India. So for the reason I am starting this blog series “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences ” to learn and share what the experts feel for Indian Salesforce Community and certainly Indiadreamin’17. Let’s read more about “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Chamil Madusanka”.


Chamil Madusanka

Salesforce Developer -Tech Lead
Author of Visualforce Developer’s Guide (ISBN: 9781782179818) &
Learning Application Development (ISBN 9781782172796)
Organizer of Sri Lanka Salesforce Platform Developer User Group

Session at Indiadreamin-2017: Be the spark that lights the fire: Bring out the leader in you.


Chamil Madusanka. Our Indian ambassador from Srilanka, Chamil is a certified developer and super contributor on He is also the organizer of Sri Lanka Salesforce User Group.
A blogger and author of Visualforce Developer’s Guide, Packt Publishing, Chamil has deep passion for anything and everything Salesforce. He also won the Salesforce New Year Resolution 2013 challenge, which was rolled out by Salesforce.

Let’s start with moments, Chamil loved the most. Here are a few pictures, I’m sure these would refresh your memory and even take your heart away.

Here are a few questions I sent over and the their responses:-

☁ Please share your before Indiadreamin expectation?

Chamil : This was my first Dreamin event and the biggest Salesforce event I have ever attended (except Dreamforce 🙂 )
I was excited about the event because I played multiple roles in the India Dreamin’17 such as Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Star Speaker and Co-Dreamer. Had a chance to join with some organizing parts such as speaker management and Dev- Expo.
Also, I wanted to have at least one more Sri Lankan participant.

☁ What you enjoyed and liked the most attending Indiadreamin?

Chamil : Networking — oh my god… huge participation… and had a chance to meet most of the role models, Salesforce champions in person. Felt the #Ohana
Thupb {The feelings are the same either side, pleasure is all ours.}

☁ Please share your after Indiadreamin experience; did it match your expectations?

Chamil :  A BIG YES..
Another Sri Lankan Participant – Done (Dinesh Wickramasinghe from Sri Lanka. He did a tech session as community speaker on IOT)
Networking – Done
Meeting Salesforce Champions – Done (You know who are they 🙂 )

Actually, exceeded my expectations in terms of hospitality, food sessions, sponsors and amazing organizers.

☁ Will you be attending Indiadreamin next year and what do you expect next year, your feedback will surely help us improving your experience next year.

Chamil : Why not.. I don’t have any reason to refuse the participation in next year 🙂 I will be there with more Sri Lankans from our Sri Lankan Salesforce Community.

I think you should plan for two days. Definitely , there will be more submissions for speakers and more participation. You will not be handle it for one day. for sure.. 😉
Thupb  {We’ve noted that Chamil, you surely gonna see all your valuable inputs got implemented at #Indiadreamin18}

☁ Words for the organizing team.

Chamil : A BIG THANK.. Without your amazing effort, this wouldn’t be successful. Happy to be a part of that amazing organizing team and so nice to work with your guys.
Thupb{Indeed Chamil, but all our efforts got paid off with you all Salesforce gems leaving #Indiadreamin17 with great memories both side}

☁ Words for Student attendees, any suggestions for Students and Salesforce aspirants.

Chamil : Keep learning – You don’t need to learn everything. You just need to learn how to learn anything. In terms of Salesforce, the way of learning is TRAILHEAD.. (BTW: It’s one of my own inspirational quotes “Don’t try to learn everything, but learn how to learn anything” )
Keep attending for such amazing community events – Meet amazing community people and inspire yourself.


☁ Words for the Indian Salesforce Community.

Chamil: It was such an honor to meet the India Salesforce Community. Thank you for letting me & the Sri Lankan Salesforce Community to be a part of your #Ohana. Will meet soon.

It’s all pleasure listening to you and your overall experiences this Indiadreamin-2017. Thanks Chamil for helping me complete this write-up and for listing down your amazing answers.

This really had been once in a life moment for Indian Salesforce Community, as team Indiadreamin surely delivered the unexpected and unmatched experience to each attendee. The rigorous efforts, sleepless nights, teamwork just got paid off. We are committed to deliver more fun, excitement, learning and more grandeur conference next year at Indiadreamin-2018.

In case you’ve missed the opportunity to attend Indiadreamin’17, please feel free to learn more here:

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Hope you enjoyed the amazing responses we are getting from the Salesforce world about our own Indiadreamin-2017, this surely sets an example on how amazing we are and what amazing things we can bring together.

I hope you enjoyed the blog “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Chamil Madusanka”, please stay tuned for more amazing blogs designed and aligned just for you.

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