Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Erica Kuhl

Indian Salesforce Community this 30th September ‘17, witnessed the biggest Salesforce community driven conference around the globe, which surely turned out to fulfill the dreams of many in terms of networking, learning, sharing the same stage, displaying their expertise to the Salesforce superstars congregate here for one reason, to attend Indiadreamin’17 and witness the power of community. With huge success associated and before the chants go misty, I would love to learn more about what experience these Salesforce gems had, being here in India. So for the reason I initiated this blog series “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences ” to learn and share what the experts feel for Indian Salesforce Community and certainly Indiadreamin’17. Let’s read more about “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Erica Kuhl” – Mother of the Salesforce Community.


Erica DP

E R I C A   K U H L

Vice President, Community at Salesforce.

A B O U T:

Superwoman of the Success Community and the pioneer of an amazing idea to bring together our community’s biggest evangelists through the Salesforce MVP and User Group advocacy programs, as members of the Salesforce community, when we think about the one person who has inspired us for more than 10 years now, Erica is one true Evangelist who comes to mind and rightly known to be the “Mother of the Salesforce Community” and the reason for our success.

She has been the cornerstone of the Salesforce customer and partner community called the Success Community with over 1.6 million members and over 40,000 new members added per month, a global customer-run volunteer meet-up program with over 150+ meetings per month, an ideation platform with over 2000+ customer driven ideas delivered to the Salesforce roadmap and the list goes on.

Let’s start with moments. Here are a few pictures, I’m sure these would refresh your memory and even take your heart away.



Here are a few questions I sent over and the their responses:-

☁ Please share your before Indiadreamin expectation?

Erica : I tried to keep my expectations checked because I really wanted to go in with a fresh open mind. Folks had told me all sorts of different things about India, but I wanted to have my own first impression. I had a feeling it was going to be a big crowd and warm and welcoming – but other than that, I didn’t have expectations.
☁ What you enjoyed and liked the most attending Indiadreamin?

Erica : I was absolutely blown away by India Dreamin’ and I haven’t stopped talking about it since. I want to pull experiences I had there into other events we do at Salesforce and offer ideas to other Community-Event leaders as well. I think if I had to pick what I enjoyed most, it would be the infusion of culture into the event. From the minute we arrived and were greeted with marigolds to the candle lightning ceremony, to the Indian dance performances – I was absolutely enthralled. One more thing that I have to mention is the generous nature of everyone I met. I felt so well taken care of and so appreciated! Every single person I met was so enthusiastic and passionate, it was amazing.

{Thanks Erica, but you’re the one who made this possible, bringing the community together, extending the help and giving back are the values this community inherited from the great leaders like you.}

☁ Please share your after Indiadreamin experience; did it match your expectations?

Erica : It FAR exceeded any expectations or preconceived notions I had. I think the team that put it together worked tirelessly and thought of so many little details – and it showed. Not only just at the event but our adventures before and after too. I was so moved by the people, the culture, the enthusiasm, the land – everything! I want to bring some of that goodness and apply it to my everyday as well as the rest of the global community.


{Thanks so much Erica, we are so deeply touched by your kind words that motivates us for bring more excitement and more amazing ideas for #ID18}

☁ Will you be attending Indiadreamin next year and what do you expect next year, your feedback will surely help us improving your experience next year.

Erica : I hope to, if they’ll have me again! I think the best feedback I have is to split the event into at least 1.5 days or 2 full days. It was a LONG day and I think folks even wanted more! I may even be back to India before next years India Dreamin’ event!


{Thanks, we noted that and will be planning the same for next year}

☁ Words for the organizing team.

Erica : Thank you for your incredible hard work and dedication to your community. Your countless sleepless nights paid off and we hope that next year it will be slightly easier on you! I am in awe of everything you do and all you give back.

☁ Words for Student attendees, any suggestions for Students and Salesforce aspirants.

Erica : Your time is NOW! There are so many incredible opportunities to skill up and join in the Salesforce Ecosystem. The community is ready to give back and help make you successful. Jump in, take a trail, join the community, have fun, and pave your way to an amazing career.

☁ Words for the Indian Salesforce Community.

Erica : Thank you for your enthusiasm and ongoing support of one another. Work together and you can do amazing things. I am so inspired by all that you do to help lift each other up and make everyone successful. Keep striving toward equality and encouraging your fellow women community members to rise up and take even more leadership roles. You push us to new limits and we thank you for it!

☁ Special Comments, if any.

Erica : Thank you from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me into your community!


Thanks Erica, but pleasure is all our’s, welcoming our Mother of Community. we all are proud –

Kuhl Kids


It’s all pleasure listening to you and your overall experiences this Indiadreamin-2017. Thanks Erica for helping me complete this write-up and for listing down your amazing answers.

In case you’ve missed the opportunity to attend Indiadreamin’17, please feel free to learn more here:

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This really had been once in a life moment for Indian Salesforce Community, as team Indiadreamin surely delivered the unexpected and unmatched experience to each attendee. The rigorous efforts, sleepless nights, teamwork just got paid off. We are committed to deliver more fun, excitement, learning and more grandeur conference next year at Indiadreamin-2018.

We are so overwhelmed with the amazing responses we are getting from the Salesforce world about our own Indiadreamin, this surely sets an example on how amazing we are and what amazing things we can bring together.

I hope you enjoyed the blog “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Erica Kuhl”, please stay tuned for more amazing blogs designed and aligned just for you.

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