Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Fabrice Cathala

Indian Salesforce Community this 30th September ‘17, witnessed the biggest Salesforce community driven conference around the globe, which surely turned out to fulfil the dreams of many in terms of networking, learning, sharing the same stage, displaying their expertise to the Salesforce superstars congregate here for one reason, to attend Indiadreamin’17 and witness the power of community. With huge success associated and before the chants go misty, I would love to learn more about what experience these Salesforce gems had, being here in India. So for the reason I am starting this blog series “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences ” to learn and share what the experts feel for Indian Salesforce Community and certainly Indiadreamin’17. Let’s read more about “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Fabrice Cathala”.



Fabrice Cathala

Salesforce MVP, Technical Solution Architect

Session at Indiadreamin-2017: Highly Effective Implementation Teams


MVP and Salesforce Tech Lead at Appirio. He is a seasoned IT Professional and Business Consultant with multiple successful CRM implementation practices. You can find pieces of advice in his practices on how to improve your business with the help of CRM.
An all-round Salesforce Engagement Manager, Fabrice is also the co-founder of the London Salesforce User Group and co-organiser of the Thames Valley Salesforce Developer Group. He holds 9 certifications and is also a blogger and speaker.

Let’s start with moments, Fabrice loved the most. Here are a few pictures, I’m sure these would refresh your memory and even take your heart away.


Here are a few questions I sent over and the their responses:-

☁ Please share your before Indiadreamin expectation?

Fabrice: I talked to Francis Pindar at French Touch Dreamin who told me that it was going to be big, very big. So, I was warned about the size. Also, knowing Shiv and Vinay, I knew they would put all their passion in it, so I was expecting a great Salesforce event. But, as it was my first time in India, I had no clue how would it all mix together.
☁ What you enjoyed and liked the most attending Indiadreamin?

Fabrice: The people. The energy. The colours. The vibes. It’s been quite an experience, one that I will never forget! I also loved the fact that we were hosted at the G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management which has been including Salesforce education in its program for the last two years! Talking about being ahead of the curve… And I loved the cultural breaks mixed in between the learning sessions.
Thupb { Thanks Fabrice, we planned the cultural activities which were managed by the Students of G.L.Bajaj and this really has turned out our way, next year we will plan it on a bigger scale, as music can really set your mood and tiredness gets disappeared. }

☁ Please share your after Indiadreamin experience; did it match your expectations?

Fabrice: It exceeded my expected by a mile or two. When I arrived at the Delhi airport, I received a text message from a local telco provider, in English, but with one Indian word, the first Indian word I learnt: “namaste” (welcome). Well, here you go, in one word you’ve got it all summed up! Indian people have this natural talent to welcome guests which makes India a great place to organise such events.
Thupb☁ Will you be attending Indiadreamin next year and what do you expect next year, your feedback will surely help us improving your experience next year.

Fabrice: My plan is to make it a regular Dreamin event. So, I shall come back next year and the following ones. I also plan to make it a family trip and visit. It wasn’t possible this year but I know that others in the group spent longer and it looks like Amy Oplinger had great fun touring around.
Thupb  {Sure Fabrice, we are ready to welcome you next year, hope you’re here with your family and we will surely organize some games to engage everyone}

☁ Words for the organizing team.

Fabrice: Merci ! Thanks for this mind blowing Dreamin event. I know lot of work and sleepless nights have been put into it but, for sure, it paid off. It’s been a great Salesforce event…
Thupb{Thanks Fabrice}

☁ Words for Student attendees, any suggestions for Students and Salesforce aspirants.

Fabrice: Salesforce is a great ecosystem to be in. It’s got a massive growth, it offers free education and has sane values like no other. From talking with many of you in Noida, I know that you’ve got the talent required to be successful. Start with Trailhead, then work on small projects and get ready for a fun driven career on this amazing platform.
☁ Words for the Indian Salesforce Community.

Fabrice: As I’m well connected with many of you in my social media world, I know how active you are. In particular, I appreciate and support the work done by the WIT groups. India Dreamin 17 was a key milestone for your community and I’m feeling honoured to have been part of it. You’ve got a big country which can be an advantage but also a difficulty since long distances makes it more complicated to gather people. With other major towns organising their own events, I believe that Bangalore is next, it will draw more attention on your community, something that usual Community Groups can’t do. And of course, it will also give the opportunity to whoever didn’t make it to Noida to attend a more local Dreamin. It’s a new start folks!

It’s all pleasure listening to you and your overall experiences this Indiadreamin-2017. Thanks Fabrice for helping me complete this write-up and for listing down your amazing answers.

This really had been once in a life moment for Indian Salesforce Community, as team Indiadreamin surely delivered the unexpected and unmatched experience to each attendee. The rigorous efforts, sleepless nights, teamwork just got paid off. We are committed to deliver more fun, excitement, learning and more grandeur conference next year at Indiadreamin-2018.  I also want to congratulate the Indian Salesforce Community for making their presence count which turned up as the largest Salesforce community driven dreamin event across the globe, we certainly set a new standard which wasn’t possible without the endless enthusiasm and limitless passion for Salesforce in each one of us. Thanks for being an important part of Indiadreamin-2017, see you next year in much greater numbers and bigger success.

Incase you’ve missed the opportunity to attend Indiadreamin’17, please feel free to learn more here:

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Hope you enjoyed the amazing responses we are getting from the Salesforce world about our own Indiadreamin-2017, this surely sets an example on how amazing we are and what amazing things we can bring together.

I hope you enjoyed the blog “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Fabrice Cathala”, please stay tuned for more amazing blogs designed and aligned just for you.

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