Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Phil Walton

Indian Salesforce Community this 30th September ‘17, witnessed the biggest Salesforce community driven conference around the globe, which surely turned out to fulfill the dreams of many in terms of networking, learning, sharing the same stage, displaying their expertise to the Salesforce superstars congregate here for one reason, to attend Indiadreamin’17 and witness the power of community. With huge success associated and before the chants go misty, I would love to learn more about what experience these Salesforce gems had, being here in India. So for the reason I initiated this blog series “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences ” to learn and share what the experts feel for Indian Salesforce Community and certainly Indiadreamin’17. Let’s read more about “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Phil Walton” – MD @CloudGalacticos | GOLD SPONSOR London World Tour 2017 | Leader of London and Manchester User Groups | Salesforce MVP.



Phil Walton

MD @CloudGalacticos | GOLD SPONSOR London World Tour 2017 | Leader of London and Manchester User Groups | Salesforce MVP

A B O U T:

UK’s most experienced Salesforce consultants- Phil Walton! Phil is a 4x MVP, an expert in implementing and an active baldforce member! A well-known face around the Salesforce Community, he is the MD of Cloud Galacticos, a Salesforce Consultancy Partner in the UK.

He is a regular blogger at and is famous for his weekly Salesforce tips! For the amazing job he does as an all-round Salesforce evangelist, Phil was ranked the 6th Most Influential Person by at Dreamforce 2015. He also leads the Salesforce User Groups in North England and London.

Let’s start with moments. Here are a few pictures, I’m sure these would refresh your memory and even take your heart away.


Here are a few questions I sent over and the their responses:-

☁ Please share your before Indiadreamin expectation?

Phil : I have been to a few Dreamin’ events, but I knew India Dreamin’ would be a whole different experience. I last visited India in 1999…so I was well overdue a visit!.
☁ What you enjoyed and liked the most attending Indiadreamin?

Phil : The great thing about Dreamin’ events is that they are much smaller than Dreamforce or a World Tour event, so you can actually go see several sessions, and you can easily meet people. And wow did I manage to meet LOTS of people. The hospitality was amazing, and I felt totally overwhelmed by the greeting, the atmosphere, the friendliness and the excitement to learn, that I felt around India Dreamin’.

{Thanks Phil, we are so please that we met your expectations, thanks for all your support and love.}

☁ Please share your after Indiadreamin experience; did it match your expectations?

Phil : Really I did not know what to expect…apart from an adventure. And it was everything I could have hoped for and more.


☁ Will you be attending Indiadreamin next year and what do you expect next year, your feedback will surely help us improving your experience next year.

Phil : Yes I hope to attend next year! For the event itself, but also for the chance to bond further with some of the great Developers that we have been working with in India (you may have heard about a guy called Akash Mishra?? He knows how to write some great integration code!).
For 2018, keep up the energy, keep the food spicy, the weather hot, and the Salesforce passion alive


{Thanks so much Phil, I hope to learn more from you great guys.}


☁ Words for the organizing team.

Phil : There was a huge level of fine detail at this event, from the location, the sessions, the communications, the food and drinks, the posters, the amazing brochure, the after party, everything!! The whole team looked shattered at the end, but achieved a great thing. Not just an event, but in my opinion India Dreamin’ lifted the entire Indian Salesforce eco-system up into the view of everyone else involved in Salesforce globally! Congratulations to you all on an amazing achievement.

☁ Words for Student attendees, any suggestions for Students and Salesforce aspirants.

Phil : It was great to speak with many attendees and students, and hear their passion for technology and learning. I am passionate about learning, whether that is your first Trailhead badge or your 50th Salesforce exam, we all need to #KeepLearning It was satisfying being able to pass on my 14 years of Salesforce knowledge to people just starting out…sorry if I tried to give you all a fast brain download 🙂

☁ Words for the Indian Salesforce Community.

Phil : I think India Dreamin’ represents the hard work by everyone across the Indian Salesforce Community, from MVPs, User Group Leaders, WIT leaders, Developer group leaders, to the group members, the Partners, and most importantly the passionate Users. Every word of compliment here is a compliment to you! Keep up the great work and see you next year.

{Thanks so much Phil for all the motivation and pumping us to get our energy refilled for Indiadreamin-18}

It’s all pleasure listening to you and your overall experiences this Indiadreamin-2017. Thanks Phil for helping me complete this write-up and for listing down your amazing answers.

In case you’ve missed the opportunity to attend Indiadreamin’17, please feel free to learn more here:

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This really had been once in a life moment for Indian Salesforce Community, as team Indiadreamin surely delivered the unexpected and unmatched experience to each attendee. The rigorous efforts, sleepless nights, teamwork just got paid off. We are committed to deliver more fun, excitement, learning and more grandeur conference next year at Indiadreamin-2018.

We are so overwhelmed with the amazing responses we are getting from the Salesforce world about our own Indiadreamin, this surely sets an example on how amazing we are and what amazing things we can bring together.

I hope you enjoyed the blog “Summarizing Indiadreamin 2017 Experiences Featuring – Phil Walton”, please stay tuned for more amazing blogs designed and aligned just for you.

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